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To track all your registered vehicles (personnal, utilitaries): their «identity card», the assignment to employees, contracts, reminders related to maintenance or technical checks, optimize the processing of requests from ANTAI services etc.

Find all your computer equipment: desktops or laptops (and their accessories), servers, and track their assignments.

Follow the services related to an employee or a service (HR, legal, accounting, etc.) as well as a building or entity (household, security, etc.)

Also manage IT licenses, whether installed on a fixed computer or in SaaS mode. Thanks to notifications, you avoid forgetting about automatic renewals.

Keep visibility on all phones (mobile and fixed) and the lines and contracts attached to them.

A feature to list all contracts related to all your assets. In the blink of an eye, you can access all the informations related to your goods and services (start and end date, recurring cost, supplier...).

Add your employees whether they are on permanent, fixed-term, temporary or internship to assign them assets and follow all that has been entrusted to them. You can view renewals and retrieve all of the company’s assets before they leave.

The ideal module to track all payment cards, fuel cards or building or parking access badges...