Simplify your enterprise equipment and asset management with Fleezy

The 1st asset management software that inventories and tracks the equipment your employees

How can you manage your equipment efficiently ?

Asset management is a strategic task for any company, especially when it comes to making equipment available to employees. It also contributes to the successful integration of your employees, from their arrival to their departure.

How do you get an overall view of your fleet of equipment and its costs? How can you monitor the allocation of assets to employees? How can you be alerted in the event of damage or maintenance?

Equip yourself with a single solution: Fleezy, asset management software in SaaS mode (100% web)

Why equip yourself with an asset management software ?


All your data always accessible in a single tool in SaaS mode


Immediate visibility and history of asset allocations to employees


Personalised notifications so you never miss a deadline (end of contract, maintenance…)


Control your expenditure effectively thanks to a cross-functional view of your assets

Managing your company’s fleet of equipment effectively means first and foremost having an overview of your fleet. Fleezy and its wide range of functions make it easy to do just that:

  • A 360° view of your assets with inventories and a customisable dashboard
  • A notification and alert system so you never miss a deadline
  • Track asset allocations to employees
  • Analyse and optimise your asset data

new: prepare your onboarding with complete peace of mind!

Choose the equipment you wish to follow

A company’s equipment is made of a large variety of assets made available to employees: IT equipment, telephony, badges, licences, vehicles, etc.

Each of them has its own characteristics (costs, brands, contracts, etc.), so they need to be easy to list and track.

about us

Fleezy, a solution developed by GAC Technology

Fleezy was designed by the management software publisher, GAC Technology. With 15 years of experience in this field, the group offers 100% web solutions (car fleet management, management of real estate and telecoms parks, etc.) for companies.

“Today, 34% of companies consider that they lack information and history when it comes to managing their equipment fleet. So we came up with Fleezy! This software solution is a real asset for any type of company that wishes to gain in efficiency in the management of an employee’s equipment, from his arrival until his departure.”

Matthieu Echalier,
Chairman and CEO of GAC Technology